Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Austria and his abo's

Hi there. As everyone knows i went for two weeks to Austria for a little trip. The weather was quiet shit, so i wasn't too activ in doing things out side. But couldnt leave without being on top of an mountain! And i met two Austrian Aboriginies...

here we go...
Austria pur.

so as you see i know a lot about foreners and there habbits.

lets keep in touch,


Eastsea weekend

Finally i was for a weekend in our holiday flat at the eastsea.(again) Three days of relaxing and fun and of course world cup! The weather was big and my mood too.
Was betting on some games of the world cup cuirquit and i fucked it up...but anyway:-)
At least i had some nice days on the beach.

And if someone wants to have a holiday here at the eastsea in Bliesdorf...
here's the link for further information! and of course if someone would like to visite germany and his beaches... we have very special conditions for friends! ;-)

and nice VW did we saw as well... how good is that!

so enjoy life...


@ My mom's home place

Hey guys hows it going? Hope your all well.
Things here in Hamburg going slow and times allmost quiet boring! Lucky the world cup's running! But its cool to meet up with all my old friends here. And so we have sometimes a good time all together hanging out and doing things or just chillin' the day away!
The weather gets better slowlie but i try to keep hoping for the summer of a century!
(for German standard)

He're some pics from and close to my mom's place! Her backyard... nice huee??

Here we're in the forrest near by close to the "Brunsberg"
I really enjoy beeing here in summer. It's nice to smell the forrest during these time.

I guess it's not to bad, living here! BUT... WELL!


Umstellung Deutsch / Englisch

Hallo liebe Freunde und Interessierte!

Nun bin ich schon seit dem 20.05.06 wieder daheim in Hamburg schaue mir die Fussball WM im Fernsehen an und denke wehleidig an die vergangene Zeit in Australien. Und da nun momentan die Freunde aus Oz ab und an mal auf dieser Seite schauen wies mir so geht und was man so macht, werde ich nun anfangen die Seite in (internationalem) Englisch zu schreiben...
Auf jedenfall plane ich schon die naechste Flucht in die Fehrne... und sollte sich alles so ergeben wie ich mir das im moment noch denke, dann werde ich im September wieder einen Schuh machen!! Da heisst es daumen druecken... manchmal bin ich ja nu auch n bisschen langsam und sooo...