Monday, May 28, 2007

Just a few years

Hello friends! I know it took a long time till i created these Blog now. I know that most of you guys probably don't even watch my side anymore... ;-) But chuck away what ever u gotta do right now. From now on these blog will be updated a few times every month. Ill show u guys how life in Germany can be... and why is it, as it is!?

I probably have to tell u guys here on this side... what happened to world wide popee from last year in May?? Before this time everything was still quite all right! I had still my Australia idea in mind, a new girl from Austria was waiting for me back home, and we both made plans for going back to Oz in September again.
But it came different to what i was expecting... plans changed, the girlfriend went away and took quiet a lot of my money as well.... (girls) ;-)

Anyway. I started up B2C Business in October 06' till january 2007. Then a friend and my sefl started to become a B2B Business. We sell things like multimedia or household electronics to companys and holesalers all over Europe. The situation of our company is quiet all right at this point and we're thinking of becomeing a (GmbH), which is simular to the British (Ltd.)
At this point we start up a few other new web projects. but its too early to talk about that right now... ill pick it up another time again!

In August i bought my self a VW T25 Camper van. Which was not the best deal of my life cos' i got riped of of the company i was buying form. Well... I'm definitely back in Germany i thought! These little problems went to curt and i lost... cos' of a numb head from lawyer... but thats a different story.
Now I'm fixing everything more or less my self and hope i still can use this car for the next couple of years, till i finally get back to Australia or maybe Nz!?
Will see which country wants me more... ;-)

The plan right now is to go back in 3years from now!
And as it seems, it just becomes more easy to fuck off here 4 ever!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Im sTill WatChiNG tHIS SidE... anD iT wiLL geT fREsh ConTEnd soOn